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Katie Cassidy Wanted To Be NFT Pioneer With Digital Art Nudes

Arrow star Katie Cassidy wanted to be the first woman to offer up a series of digital nudes as an NFT (non-fungible token).

The actress posed naked, covered in paint for the shoot, and announced in March she would be auctioning off the digital artworks to the highest bidder.

Opening up about her decision, Katie tells The Insider she has a newfound passion for NFTs and cryptocurrency and wanted to make a personal statement following the end of her hit superhero show and her divorce from ex-husband Matthew Rodgers.

“It all really forced me to learn how to love myself,” she says. “I had no other choice. My show had ended, my career was totally changing, and then the world was totally changing. And that’s sort of what inspired me to do this.”

She also wanted to be an NFT pioneer: “I am a big gamer; since I was a kid, I’ve loved technology,” she adds. “I wanted to be the first celebrity – in my world – to do this. I wanted to be a pioneer in this space as a woman.

“Hopefully this will inspire, encourage, and empower other women to embrace themselves, to love themselves. Because we really can’t have relationships with anyone until we have a good one with ourselves.”

A portion of sales from her NFT series titled ME. SHE. WE. will benefit The Rape Foundation, Women’s Global Empowerment Fund, and LifeWay Network.