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PopCon Me: Katie Cassidy Will Be Attending

Katie Cassidy will be at PopCon Me in Dubai on November 11th and 13th, 2022. There is a video of Katie announcing that she’ll be coming to the convention, which you can watch below. For tickets to the event, you can find them at the official site [Here]

The heroes are on their way to Dubai. We have only a few days to go until we get the chance to be legendary together.

We are expanding our league with the addition of a DC superheroine! Hint: When this bird sings, she can bring down the house.

This Earth-2 heroine is a dangerous hero known for her sonic scream that can shatter metal and stone, and her expertise in martial arts gives her a fighting edge to rival The Arrow.

Let’s give a warm welcome to Katie Cassidy, who brings Laurel Lance aka Black Canary to life.

Catch her at our Meet the Heroes zone from November 11 – 13, at Dubai Expo City.

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Katie’s Arab News Interview at Stan Lee Super Con

During the Stan Lee Super Con, Katie Cassidy did an interview with Arab News, where she talked about staying fit for action roles, thanked her Saudi fans for their support, and what the convention meant to her.

Stan Lee’s Super Con saw fans in Saudi Arabia meet celebrity actors, musicians, and cosplayers from all over the world, who came to the Jeddah Superdome for the centenary event celebrating the late American comic book writer Stan Lee.

Hollywood celebs dazzled fans on the red carpet at the event which concluded on Saturday including Zachary Levi, known for playing the superhero Shazam, “Guardian of the Galaxy” star Micheal Rooker, and “Eternal” actress Lauren Ridloff, and “Arrow” star Katie Cassidy.

Cassidy, who plays a very physical role in The CW television series “Arrow” as Black Canary, told Arab News staying in shape is vital at all times. “When it comes to action, I don’t like to get ready, I like to be ready. Even if I am not filming, I am constantly keeping up with fitness and health and staying in shape because that way when an action role comes, it is seamless for me.”

She stays fit through martial arts and fights training, such as kickboxing and muay Thai. The actress said that doing this also helps her get into the headspace of the character, “and do more of the artistic script analysis, backstory, and focus more mentally on the character rather than just the physical part because the physical part will hopefully already be there.”

Cassidy also thanked her Saudi fans for their loyalty to the show. “You are the reason why we are here, and I can’t even express how much gratitude I have for everyone.”


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Katie will be at “The Stan Lee’s Super Con” Tomorrow

Katie Cassidy is in Saudi Arabia to attend “The Stan Lee’s Super Con” tomorrow June 11th, 2022. For more details about the Convention, please go to the link here.

 Date: Thursday, 09 June 2022 – Saturday, 11 June 2022
 City: Jeddah
 Location: Jeddah Superdome
 Price including VAT: From SR 75

Description :This year’s conference is extraordinary to celebrate the centenary of the birth of comic book legend Stan Lee, who created some of the world’s most famous superheroes. and world-famous Celebrities will be there to do meet & greets and sign autographs with big names from Shazam, Supergirl, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, and more! It’s an incredible opportunity to meet a Hollywood celebrity face to face. The SuperCon is a place for each and all family members. There will also be a lot of interactive games and various stores with comic products
Free entry for kids under one year.

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Fandemic Dead 2022: “Arrow” Panel

Arrow actors Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy gave a panel at Fandemic Dead 2022 to talk about the show, their careers, and to answer fan questions.

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L.A. Comic Con 2021: Arrowverse Actor Panel

Arrowverse actors Katie Cassidy, Katrina Law, Caity Lotz, and Neal McDonough were joined by Candice Patton to talk about Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flash. They talked about their experiences and the end of Arrow.