Katie To Attend L.A. Comic-Con In December
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Katie To Attend L.A. Comic-Con In December

Katie Cassidy is to attend LA Comic-Con, which takes place on December 3 – 5, 2021. She is scheduled to be there on Saturday. Katie will be joined by “Arrow‘ co-stars  Caity Lotz, Katrina Law, John Barrowman, and Neal Mcdonough.

LA Comic Con will feature a mini-Arrow reunion on the Main Stage. Join Caity Lotz (Sarah Lance/White Canary), Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance/Black Canary), Katrina Law (Nyssa al Ghul), and Neal McDonough (Damien Darhk) for a panel discussing the DC series that launched an expanded TV universe.

Lotz, Cassidy, Law, and McDonough will also appear Saturday for autographs and photo ops with fans.

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Katie’s Horror Geek Life Interview

Recently, we had the chance to talk with Katie Cassidy about Arrow, her acting career, and her new movie I Love Us.

Horror Geek Life: You have some family ties in the entertainment industry, so was acting just a natural career choice for you?

Katie Cassidy: It’s funny, I’m the third generation in this industry, and actually, my grandfather played the original Superman on Broadway, which is crazy, but I actually played Baby Jesus, so since I was out of the womb, I’ve been in this business. I was a theater girl, took acting classes. My whole life, I’ve just loved to entertain, so I always say it was in the gene pool, I just woke up like this. I really didn’t get to choose, clearly, this is what I’m supposed to do. It’s more than that, too, I feel like my purpose is to help people any way that I can and the way I know how to do that is by expressing it through creativity.

HGL: You mentioned starting in theater, but you’ve also worked in television and film. Do you have a favorite medium to work in?

KC: I mean, as long as I can relate to the character, there are layers there, and it’s a good project, somehow it inspires me or moves me, it doesn’t really matter what medium or genre it is.


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‘Arrow’ boss provides “frustrating” update on the ‘Green Arrow & the Canaries’ Spin-off

According to Digital Spy a decision about “Green Arrow & the Canaries” has been made. You can read the article here below.

The Arrowverse’s first show Arrow may have come to an end, but there is a spin-off called Green Arrow & the Canaries in the works. You might have seen that an Arrow episode from the final season earlier this year was essentially a backdoor pilot.

Now a few months have passed, you’d hope that there would be some progress towards bringing this spin-off to the screen, but unfortunately executive producer Marc Guggenheim isn’t able to share that much with fans.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy to promote Wizards: Tales of Arcadia, the TV boss said: “I know things, but it’s up to CW and Warner Bros to publicize the things I know.

“Actually, it’s a little frustrating because people are constantly tweeting at me and I would love to answer, but there are certain things I’m not allowed to talk about until the powers-that-be decide we can.

Speaking about the state of the Arrowverse in general, Guggenheim added: “I’ve finished with Arrow, I’ve finished with ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’. It feels like the end of a chapter for me.

“So I’m not entirely sure if there’s another chapter to be had at this moment in time. At some point, I need to figure out exactly what I’m doing with the Arrowverse going forward, but I haven’t quite figured that out yet… The Arrowverse shows are still going.

“Fortunately, I don’t think we have to worry about it ending anytime soon. I think when that day comes, if I’m still involved in the shows, I’m sure [my experience ending the Tales of Arcadia trilogy] will inform that one.”


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“Arrow” Cast Panel: Wizard World Virtual Experiences 2020

CW Arrow actors Katie Cassidy, Juliana Harkavy, Ben Lewis, Katrina Law and Kelly Hu gave a virtual panel through Wizard World Virtual Experiences 2020 to talk about the show, the new show (Green Arrow and the Canaries), their careers and to answer fan questions.