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Katie’s Arab News Interview at Stan Lee Super Con

During the Stan Lee Super Con, Katie Cassidy did an interview with Arab News, where she talked about staying fit for action roles, thanked her Saudi fans for their support, and what the convention meant to her.

Stan Lee’s Super Con saw fans in Saudi Arabia meet celebrity actors, musicians, and cosplayers from all over the world, who came to the Jeddah Superdome for the centenary event celebrating the late American comic book writer Stan Lee.

Hollywood celebs dazzled fans on the red carpet at the event which concluded on Saturday including Zachary Levi, known for playing the superhero Shazam, “Guardian of the Galaxy” star Micheal Rooker, and “Eternal” actress Lauren Ridloff, and “Arrow” star Katie Cassidy.

Cassidy, who plays a very physical role in The CW television series “Arrow” as Black Canary, told Arab News staying in shape is vital at all times. “When it comes to action, I don’t like to get ready, I like to be ready. Even if I am not filming, I am constantly keeping up with fitness and health and staying in shape because that way when an action role comes, it is seamless for me.”

She stays fit through martial arts and fights training, such as kickboxing and muay Thai. The actress said that doing this also helps her get into the headspace of the character, “and do more of the artistic script analysis, backstory, and focus more mentally on the character rather than just the physical part because the physical part will hopefully already be there.”

Cassidy also thanked her Saudi fans for their loyalty to the show. “You are the reason why we are here, and I can’t even express how much gratitude I have for everyone.”


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Agent Game: Katie’s “Behind The Lens Online” Interview

KATIE CASSIDY goes in-depth in this exclusive conversation taking about the action-packed spy thriller AGENT GAME, gun safety on set, and her upcoming directorial feature Daddy Issues.

Thanks to director Grant S. Johnson’s methodical and exacting execution, AGENT GAME is a riveting thriller of cat and mouse with the anticipation and tension of a chess game with constant checks in play. Pawns fall, knights fall, and the queens keep moving, but someone is protecting the king in the castle. Exciting, tense.  AGENT GAME leaves you wanting more.  Very much a “pay attention” movie thanks to a non-linear timeline which serves to build the intrigue and keep us on our toes until the very last frame.  And then you’ll find yourself wanting a sequel – NOW!

One of the key components to making AGENT GAME as riveting and fraught with tension as it is is KATIE CASSIDY. As black ops operative Miller, Cassidy delivers a cold and steely performance, infusing Miller with ambiguity as to her agenda and loyalties, not to mention mistrust of all around her.

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Agent Game: Press Interview with Popcorn and Soda

Actress Katie Cassidy Joins the show to discuss all things her new film ” Agent Game”. We chat about the making of the project, working alongside a talented cast that includes Mel Gibson, Dermot Mulroney, Jason Isaacs, Shooting during the pandemic, Her Love of Video Games, Radiation Island, and Being a fan of Pop Culture, Arrow and so much more!

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Agent Game: Press Interview with Down & Nerdy Podcast

You might have heard it on Episode 413 of our podcast, now see the video of our interview with Katie Cassidy! She talks about her new movie, Agent Game, and so much more. She compares her character Miller to Black Siren from Arrow. She also talks about an Arrow reunion that she has in the film.

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Agent Game: Press Interview with KTLA 5 News

Actress Katie Cassidy joined us live to talk about starring in the new action and thriller film “Agent Game.”

The film follows a CIA officer who finds himself the target of a rendition operation after being scapegoated for the death of an interrogation subject.

“Agent Game” will hit theaters and drop on digital Friday.

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on April 7, 2022.

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